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During the last week of October 2003, some of the largest sunspot groups seen in years have appeared on the face of the Sun.

I use a Scopetronix STSF105 thread-on, white light solar filter.
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The amazing sunspot activity on Oct. 28th 2003. This is a mosaic of 15 pictures like those below assembled to show the complete solar disc. The image at left has been reduced by 1/8.
Larger versions:
700x700 JPEG--44KB
1400x1400 JPEG--216KB
2800x2800 JPEG--896KB

Telescope: Meade ETX-105 EC at f/14
Filter: Scopetronix STSF105
Camera: MI-1300 CMOS sensor
Image Processing: Composite in Registax, Assemble mosaic, Stretch contrast, False color

October 28, 2003
10:10am PST

With large sunspot. This is a single frame taken through the 40mm eyepiece with a digital camera.
900x900 JPEG -- 54KB

Telescope: Meade ETX-105 EC
Filter: Scopetronix STSF105
Camera: Ricoh RDC-5000 and 40mm eyepiece
Image Processing: Color balance to make it more yellow

March 15, 2003

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